Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aztec Beaded Shorts



Ok you know something moved you when you constantly think about it days later. Well that's the affect these shorts had on me! I instantly envisioned myself pairing these with a black 'flowy' racer tank and my Zoe Sam Edelmans, so simple but so not.

I first spotted them in a forum on Lookbook, and of course told Rachael how amazing they were. Welp all should be done right? Wrong! I woke up this morning for whatever reason and was like hmm, I wonder if she has a blog and went back to the forum and found it. *note I saw these last week, don't judge me*

Anywho,  I thought of course she has a blog I mean if I can't make something as amazing as this and I have one. So I stalked her once more and told her she was my hero, because of these beauties, no really. It took her 7 months to make these and it is 7 months of perfection. Patience is certainly a virtue!

You can check out more pics at her blog at ugh these shorts are AMAZE, ok I'm done!


  1. Those shorts are ridiculous!!! I love them!!! I just found your blog through IFB and think you are doing a great job so far!!! Keep up the good work and figure out a way to get me those shorts!!!

    1. Aww thanks Jas, when I get figure out how to get them I'll shoot you a pair too ;)

  2. Oh my word! those shorts are Mah jor! an you sit in them?


  3. Arrghhh I want these shorts!!! Love Love Love

    Where are they from!?!?

    I am following, please check my fashion blog


    1. Right aren't they fab, the girl who is tagged in the post designed them. I'm guessing you can email her and inquire about them, they're definitely AMAZING!


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