Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Its official Spring is here! Though with the excess of pollen on my car, bumble bee's and wasps in the air, birds chirping in the a.m., and my lovely allergies in full swing it seems that spring has been official here in Atlanta for the past week or so. So, it's only right to say that its time for some Spring cleaning! My approach on spring cleaning will be a little different this year. It will consist of cleaning up all negative things in my world. I have the tendency to sike myself out at times which helps nothing. I will refrain from going all Gandhi on you but I think its important to eliminate all forms of negativity. Positive energy yields positive results...

On another note, I will spring forward all of the mister and I's fall/winter clothes out of the closet for the next 2 seasons. Yikes sounds like fun...not!


  1. I love your header!! in venezuela the spring should be started today, but is raining hahahahaha i'm following you! hope you follow me back


    1. Thank you! I think I may be changing it soon, its a little dark to me lol!

  2. Oh my isn't that a really beautiful picture. Spring in Atlanta is very different from spring in Hamburg. It's still Grey outside, waiting for the weather to warm up and the flowers to blossom


    1. Trust me I may just trade with you, because the pollen is out of control out here!


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