Monday, March 12, 2012

Mixology 101

So those who know me, know that I'm in now way a stranger to patterns. Actually a friend of mine once tried to shop for me and said "well as long as it's turquoise or has a bunch of different patterns you're good!"
Oh if it were only that simple lol. However, he had it partially correct. Nonetheless it was beautiful this weekend in Atlanta. I wanted to try something, not exactly sure how I feel about it completely...I just feel its missing something or perhaps the fact Singh Jr. was screaming it didn't really allow for enough useable pictures. Either way its decent enough to post for the world to see.

 By the way, I got some really exciting news last week, so I'm just waiting for that to transpire into this week! On top of that the mini's celebrated their 8th birthday which is still surreal to me, ahh I'm getting old! Hope you love bugs have a wonderful day :)



  1. LOOOOOVE!!! The mixing!!!!! (I truely live for your posting) and im not saying that because i am your friend. Love your style



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