Sunday, February 19, 2012

Its Alive!!!!!

|What| is SlaytheTown?
I intend for this blog to reflect all things that I adore, be it my personal style, music, interior design or specks of my family life. I will say that the emphasis will be on my personal style.
Often times people equate having a child with the end of the world, especially being semi young (*tear* on the semi). I feel its even more of a reason to be stylish, so no mommy jeans over here :)

|When| did SlaytheTown come about?
Ha, well lets just say I've taken a couple of jabs at the blogging world but that didn't yield results or blog posts for that matter. However, its a new day and year that I plan to seize.

|Why| SlaytheTown?
I wanted something that kind of reflects my personality. I pondered and didn't really get much. I'm the kind of person who gets the best outfits on those random days I feel I have nothing to wear. Welp, the same is true for the name of this blog, and after meeting a friend for breakfast and jokingly saying "she slays" repeatedly. I came up with the variation Slay the Town on my drive home. Then she was born!


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  1. That friend is awwwwesome! Welcome to the blogging world you definitely lay !!!!


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