Thursday, March 1, 2012

...But The Levee Was Dry

So I must admit I have a slight obsession with the union flag I can't begin to tell you why, but I do know its manifested over the years. I don't know maybe I was royalty in a past life. Hey a girl can dream.

As a little girl my mom would always play The Beatles, and while it drove me crazy to hear her pitchy voice sing along I can definitely appreciate it now. So the poster was only fitting for the photo op. I realize that I'm more like my mother than I know. These heels are the 2012 essence of her pair she had when I was a kid. Admittedly I wasn't quite a fan of clog styled shoes and the eight year old me would've never dreamed of owning a pair. However, I absolutely adore them now.

Ok ok making a left off memory lane, on to the shirt. Simple...I adore the flow of it and I've dressed it both up and down quite easily. It looks great with a mini or even chinos rolled with ballet flats. Quite breezy. As for the jeans they're "true" boyfriend jeans. Meaning I raided the Mr's side of the closet. Granted he probably hasn't worn these in decades but I got bored one day and voila.

Hope you like!


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