Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WishLust Wednesday: Skirts Under $100

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2. Zara Skirt- $79.90
3. Zara Skirt- $49.90
5. Forever 21- $19.80


  1. Hey Bianca!

    Very lovely Wishlust! (LOVE your term!!). I'm extremely loving 2, 3, and 4!! They're so beautiful! :)

    I'm glad this trend is so popular! Will you be getting any of these? :)

    - Josie ::

    1. Hey Josie!

      I for sure want 3 and 4! I just have to make my way to Zara to ensure that its long enough for me with heels! If not I may just have to manage wearing only flats :(

    2. Ohh that is exciting! I actually never bought anything from Zara. The closest one is about 1.5 hours away!

      I see you're in to DIY, have you ever considered making your own skirt? :O

    3. You know what I have a sewing machine that I've yet to master. I actually haven't really practiced but I plan on starting, I really can only sew by hand which is what I find myself doing a lot but once I master the machine I know I'll make TONS of stuff!

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  3. drooling over your picks! love them




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